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Eenadu - Advertising details.

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Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu news daily in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
It enjoys a circulation of 16,70,750 copies per day.

Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu news daily in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Eenadu was conceived for Telugus. A newspaper which provided the latest news and best reflected their needs. From the first day to now, for Telugus there are two distinct phases in their lives - before Eenadu and after Eenadu. Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in Andhra pradesh will receive the latest news at the crack of dawn with a special focus on local news coverage.

Extant Media Space - Advertisers books advertisements for Eenadu (The Telugu Daily). We are ad agency for Eenadu booking Display, Appointment, Tender Notice, Public Notice, Obituary, Classified Display, areawise and all other types of advertisement categories. You can give or publish your ad in Eenadu through us. We offer special discount on Eenadu Rate Card.

Circulation of Eenadu

Eenadu enjoys a circulation of 19,59,708 copies (ABC July-Dec 2013) per day.

Eenadu Circulation area wise

Anantapur - 77,010 Bangalore - 43,245 Chennai - 17,646 Cuddapah - 43,492
Mumbai - 10,735 Guntur - 96,307 Hyderabad - 5,13,259 Karimnagar - 1,03,889
Khammam - 58,807 Kurnool - 57,750 Mahbubnagar - 57,638 Nellore - 52,277
New Delhi - 4,081 Nizamabad - 69,812 Ongole - 49,163 Rajahmundry - 98,562
Srikakulam - 78,217 Suryapet - 59,934 Tadepalligudem - 74,702 Tirupati - 64,857
Vijayawada - 1,25,454 Visakhapatnam - 1,41,689 Warangal - 61,164.  

Editions of Eenadu

Eenadu published simultaneously from 23 printing centers from Anantapur, Bangalore, Chennai, Cuddapah, Mumbai, Guntur, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Kurnool, Mahbubnagar, Nellore, New Delhi, Nizamabad, Ongole, Rajahmundry, Srikakulam, Suryapet, Tadepalligudem, Tirupati, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Warangal making it the third most circulated regional language daily and 10th most circulated daily in India.

Special Features

  • Children – Sunday
  • Education – Monday
  • Health – Tuesday
  • Sports – Wednesday
  • IT – Thursday
  • Finance – Friday
  • Youth - Saturday

Special Offer for Commercial Category in District Editions

Rate for more than one district:

  • If an advertisement is released in more than one district, 25% discount on the rate of every additional district is offered. The district with the highest rate will be charged full rate and others at 25% discount. All the advertisements must be on the same Release Order, Scheduled for the same date and should be of the same size.

  • Film Advertisements : 25% Discount on the regular tariff is applicable for Film theatre openings, Film actors Birthday greeting Ads and circus ads. (The Above offer will not apply separately).

One Ad Free for every Five Ads (5+1 Scheme)

Eenadu Offers advertisers and clients one ad free for every five ads of the same size, same client and same dist./ city booked on the same Release Order, provided all the six insertions are scheduled to appear within a period of 50 days.

Payment Option

We accept payment through online, net-banking or direct deposit in our BOI Account.

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