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Direct Response Newspaper Advertising

Once you get their attention, your newspaper advertising needs to motivate your customers to respond now. A direct response ad is written to get attention, interest, desire, and action immediately. Think of it this way: Where will that newspaper be in 24 hours? [In the recycle bin.]

Now, think about that huge mountain of inertia you must overcome with your customers to get action. You want them to take a financial risk, clip your ad, get in their car, drive to your store, deal with your staff, buy your products, carry them home, assemble and install, etc. etc. etc. All they want to do is sit in their chair and peacefully read their newspaper. How are you going to get them to respond?

You use direct response newspaper advertising, and you create professional advertisements using professional marketing techniques.

You need to make your customers squirm, or wince, or laugh, or cry. You need them excited, exhilarated, and ready. Make them feel danger. Fear. Heat. Sex. Hunger. Desire. Stoke them up, and then tell them how to get what they want. Fulfill that desire. Quench that thirst. Eliminate that pain. Easy. Fast. Free.

So, can your diaper delivery service do this?

You'd better, or no one will call. Actually, this may be a bad example, because there is a certain built-in motivation to get someone else to clean your dirty diapers. But no matter what your service or product, you need to build real motivation in your customers if you want them to respond to your newspaper advertising.

More Direct Response Newspaper Advertising

Let's see if we can help you to better recognize effective direct response advertising when [or if] your designer shows it to you.

Direct Response Advertising Example

“Hungry? Try Our .99 Double Cheeseburger”

This ad achieves one-on-one communication, and it motivates the reader to recognize a problem [hunger] by asking a stimulating question.

“Hungry?” [“Yes”, the reader replies, “That’s me.”] The ad then offers an immediate, highly desirable solution. “Try Our .99 Double Cheeseburger” [problem, solution, value, desire, satisfaction.]

The ad gets visual attention simply by using special fonts. It gets attention, identifies a problem [stimulates interest], creates desire, and demands immediate action.

Notice that this newspaper advertising does not ask the reader to try the product - it tells the reader to try it. And if the reader is actually hungry, this ad can stimulate a physical reaction in their stomach and in their mouth. Using the right colors in the ad will increase this physical reaction. A full color photo of the product could make your stomach grumble. Get the idea?

This deceptively simple newspaper advertising works. It is written to get a response, and it does.

A Direct Response Advertisement:

  1. Gets attention through design, ad size, placement, and timing.
  2. Stimulates interest by touching on human emotions, desires, and needs.
  3. Creates desire by offering solutions [benefits] to emotions, problems, or needs.
  4. Gets action by making the solution highly desirable yet affordable and easy.

This is professional newspaper advertising. Use it.

A Warning For Professionals: If you are a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer, or any professional, and you are thinking: “I want to be very professional in my newspaper advertising. I just want to put my name out there. I don’t want to sell”, then your newspaper advertising costs will be exponentially high [$10 x $10 x $10…]. Your newspaper advertising must be classy and professional, but it also must get attention, spark interest, create desire, and ask for action. And ultimately, it must show a return on your investment. That is what professional direct response ads are designed to do.

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